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We cater small and large events. Make it a special call or visit us for details.



Falafel (Vegan)   $8.50 (7 pieces)

The best around! (Vegan) Made from ground chickpeas, garlic, vegetables with our traditional organic spices and fried in pure vegetable oil. Served with Hummus and our special Tahini sauce.


Grape Leaves (Vegan)   $5 (6 pieces)

Stuffed with Rice, diced parsley, and onions, cooked in olive oil. Served with yogurt-cucumber sauce and our organic spices.


Hummus (Vegan)   $5 (8oz)

No dairy products. A unique blend of chickpeas, Tahini, lemon juice, salt, and fresh garlic.


Tzatziki   $5.00 (8oz)

A blend of yogurt, sour cream, cucumber, fresh garlic, dried mint, and dill.


Pita Chips (Vegan)   $3

Homemade from sliced Syrian bread lightly fried topped with organic spices.

Pita Bread Bag (Vegan)   $4

6 Pieces

Baba Gahnoush (Vegan)   $5 (8oz)

Roasted eggplant with Tahini sauce, garlic and our special spices.

French Fries   $5

Chicken Fingers   $12

Crispy fried chicken tenders served with French fries.


Extra sides of dressing   0.75 (2oz)

Hot sauce, Hummus, Tahini and cucumber sauce.




All of our pockets are served with your choice of the following toppings: hot sauce, Hummus, lettuce, tomato, onions, hot peppers, pickles, turnips and Tahini.

Falafel Pocket (Vegan)   $9


Greek Veggie Pocket (with feta cheese)   $9


Hummus Pocket (Vegan)   $9

Chicken Tender Pocket   $12

Chicken Kabob Pocket   $10.50

Grilled chicken tenders marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, fresh garlic, oregano, and organic spices


Gyros Pocket   $10.50

Strips of Greek-style seasoned beef


Combo Pocket   $12

Combine any two of the following pockets into one! Falafel, chicken, or Gyros


Buffalo Chicken Wrap   $10.50

Fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and blue cheese dressing. Feta cheese optional


Turbo Pocket   $13

The ultimate pocket: Chicken, Falafel, and Gyros all in one!


Chicken Caesar Pocket   $10.50

Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh romaine lettuce, and Caesar dressing

Vegetarian Combo Pocket   $12

Falafel and grape leaves.

Grape Leaves Pocket   $9

Grape leaves pocket.

- Add seasoned french fries inside of any pocket for $2.50

Plate Dinners

(Not served as Pocket Wrap) All Plate Dinners are served with a small garden salad and a side of Jedra (rice and lentils) with choice of a dressing on the side.


Falafel Plate (Vegan)   $13


Chicken Kabob Plate   $13


Gyro Plate   $13


Combo Plate   $14

Combine any two of the following: Falafel, chicken, or Gyro.


Middle Eastern Platter (Vegan)   $15

Falafel and grape leaves served over a salad with a side of Hummus and Tahini.

The Power Bowl (Vegan)   $15

Served with salad, a portion of rice and lentils, Falafels, grape leaves, hummus and Tahini.


Ultimate Turbo Platter   $15

All three: Falafel, chicken, and Gyro.


Jedra   $8

Rice and lentils served with sautéed onions in olive oil.


Greek salad topped with your choice of grilled chicken, Gyro (Beef) and Falafel.

Greek Salad   $10

Garden salad topped with Feta cheese.

Chicken Salad   $13

Fresh Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, pickles, cucumbers and olives.


Falafel Salad (Vegan)   $13

4 Pieces of Falafel with a side of Hummus and Tahini.

Combo salad   $14

Combine any 2 items (Falefel, chicken, or Gyro) over a Greek salad.


Turbo Salad   $15

All Three in one, Falafels, chicken and Gyros.

Gyro Salad   $13


Try one of our delicious desserts!                                        



Sesame Cookies


Falafel Plate
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